Historic Elmendorf Breeding

Spanning a large part of the 500+ acres of the historic Elmendorf Farm, Sancal's breeding operation is in full-swing all year long. Sancal Racing is proud to see horses through their cycle of life from foal, to racing, to retirement and/or breeding, and the farm is an essential piece of the puzzle.

The iconic main barn houses our yearlings, while a number of other barns (including the Jack Kent Cooke barn) and paddocks on the property accommodate our other mares and foals.

At Elmendorf, there is an onsite Property Manager who handles all facilities/grounds issues, so at Sancal, we are 100% focused on the horses. There are staff present 24/7 including a farm manager, day and night staff who reside on the grounds. Our foaling operation has grown significantly as we welcomed 45 babies into the world during foaling season 2016.

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Photography Mary Ellet, Holly M. Smith Photography, Loretta Lustag, Maria Sol Aller and Gwen Davis

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